Bank Management

Today more than ever, banks face a strong pressure to adapt: A quick and constant change of the business environment and the effects of regulation on the business models of financial institutions challenge their strategic positioning in the banking sector. The requirements of the supervisory authorities, a new understanding of jurisdiction, unsatisfied customers and the persistent low of interest rates require a radical reorganization and fundamental rethinking of banks´ business models.

The simultaneous focus on new products, new sales channels and the fulfillment of regulation requirements put high pressure on a continuous adaptation of internal processes. At the same time, a growing number of specialist/ niche suppliers enters the market which in the future are very likely to operate today´s core activities of banks.

Digitalization, which has stirred up the travel and music industry as well as the retail sector during the last years, is nowadays about to also fundamentally change retail business in the banking sector. These facts add to the pressure banks’ business models are currently facing and require a deeper understanding of how suppliers can create customer value in the new setting and also the ability to differentiate in the competition with new companies from other industries entering the market.


Our Portfolio in the Field of Bank Management

In the Master in Finance and the Open Programs offered by GBS, participants acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of Bank Management. In the competence cluster Bank Management, GBS also draws on a long experience in designing Customized Programs for specialists and executives from international banks and financial services companies. In our programs, the latest relevant findings and current research projects, e.g. in the innovative field Personal Finance & FinTech, are used to structure the debate on the future of the financial industry and point out potential problem solving options. 

Faculty in Competence Cluster Bank Management are either professors of the Faculty of Economics at the Goethe University and at partner institutions, are teaching and researching in the House of Finance or bring in their practical expertise in the financial industry experience in our training formats.