Strengths of GBS in Six Competence Clusters

Goethe Business School has defined different competence clusters that pool the knowledge of faculty and the expertise of the partner-network.

As part of the House of Finance – with the Center for Financial Studies as well as the Center of Excellence SAFE – and in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe University, the main focus of our program offerings is in the field of Finance. Broken down into the specialized areas Financial Management, Bank Management and Risk Management & Regulation, our programs and varying instructional formats cover a comprehensive spectrum within this discipline.

Leadership & Personal Development and Strategic Management are also strengths within GBS that are distinguished through innovative approaches to personal development, the neurosciences, and the cooperation with Goethe University’s Faculty of Psychology. Further cooperations with leading external experts enable GBS expand on the expertise of professors with knowledge from practitioners.

Thanks to our association to Goethe University we are also able to cover the area of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and leverage the full potential of existing knowledge and competencies that are effectively applied to interdisciplinary training.