Goethe University System Accreditation

All GBS master programs are delivered on behalf of Goethe University Frankfurt and are required to be accredited by Hessian law to ensure high quality program delivery and teaching. Since 2016, accreditation at Goethe University has been carried out as part of the establishment or continuation of study programs as internal (re)accreditation and under the supervision of the Department of Teaching and Quality Assurance (LuQ).

The internal (re-)accreditations are closely linked to the evaluation procedures so that the degree programs offered can improve in a continuous process of reflection and discussion. The results of the program evaluation and key figures are presented to external experts during the internal re-accreditation, and the recommendations of the internal re-accreditation body are addressed in the subsequent program evaluation in a dialog with students and faculty representatives.

These procedures ensure that GBS master programs’ structures and processes are in line with relevant German and European quality standards ensuring that the defined program qualification goals can be met.

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GBS degree programs are designed and developed in a continuous process of reflection and discussion together with Goethe University’s internal departments and external expertise. This university-wide, system-accredited quality assurance system, with an internal accreditation committee acting as the central deciding entity, ensures that GBS programs fulfill all requirements to meet the highest standards and offer quality teaching to its students!

Maximilian BrauchDesk Officer Curriculum Development & Secretary to the Accreditation Commission, Goethe University Frankfurt