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Our main competence area focusses on finance and the banking center, where we work in close collaboration with Goethe University’s Faculty of Economics & Business as well as the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE ("Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe").

In addition, our portfolio includes interdisciplinary management & leadership and selected specialized topics from current business trends.
With excellent teaching and research resources and extensive corporate and institutional partnerships, Goethe Business School provides expert knowledge in four different Areas.

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Banks are facing greater pressure today than ever before: the rapid and continuous changes in the business environment and the impact of regulation of financial institutions have greatly challenged the strategic positioning of banks. The requirements of regulatory authorities and the continued decline in interest rates require a fundamental reflection on current business models. At the same time, more and more experts and niche suppliers are entering the market, hoping to get their market shares of banking in the future. In the past few years, digitization has led to strong changes across all industries, and now it has begun to fundamentally shake the retail business of banks, especially in how suppliers create customer value under the new system and how they can stand out among new competitors.

Investors in financial markets and regulators expect corporations to establish an adequate and up-to-date risk management function. A proper understanding of risk management techniques is essential in today’s markets since the decisions of risk management professionals such as treasurers, risk analysts, risk controllers and portfolio managers may determine the fate of a whole institution. In addition, regulatory agencies have gradually strengthened the qualification requirements for senior managers of financial institutions. Therefore, mastering the use of effective tools and understanding their impact in a constantly changing environment are extremely important for experts and corporate executives.

In a turbulent global environment, dealing with changes and new competitive threats is the major challenge companies are facing. In this case, the company's success is increasingly related to a sustainable development strategy that takes into account the complexity of both internal and external factors. Digital transformation processes and other global challenges demand the companies to embrace an innovative mindset. In the management trainings we work with program participants to discuss the different stages of strategic management and give them practical tools needed to successfully formulate and implement their corporate strategies. To this end, these programs will not only shape the various skills required by executives, such as business analysis, leadership, decision-making and communication skills, but also give participants an in-depth understanding of change and innovation.

In addition to their own business interests, enterprises and financial institutions often play an important role in regional development. Building a sustainable environment along ESG criteria is not only the responsibility of the enterprise, but also lays the foundation for its own long-term performance. More and more organizations are gradually realizing that their own success is inseparable from the overall development of the region. This training theme will discuss in detail the long-term global trends and help organizations formulate relevant strategies for social responsibility and sustainable development. At the same time, by comparing the experience of different countries, the participants will analyze the best practice applicable to different institutions, regions and development stages.


In a globalized world, knowledge has no borders. We connect international companies with cutting-edge academic research and German management experience. We look forward to identifying topics, developing courses and creating teaching formats that meet your specific goals.

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